Theme 6.00

Using social and economic opportunities for threatened species recovery

The social environment is critical to the way threats impinge on species and ecological communities.

There can be little effective public investment in threatened species management without an aware and engaged community.

By understanding the economic and policy processes that underlie threatened species management, and enhancing social engagement, on-ground activity will improve.

This theme will focus on:

  • Using social and economic opportunities for threatened species recovery, including the role of citizen science and methods for better community buy-in
  • Quantifying the benefits of threatened-species management in rural and regional economies
  • Learning from practical on-ground priorities and management approaches of local Indigenous communities
  • Learning the reasons for success and failure in the past.
Related Projects

Quantifying benefits of threatened-species management in rural and regional economies: Phase 2

Project: 6.1
This project will investigate approaches that quantify benefits of conservation management to the broader society and to local regions. Studies converting environmental benefits from threatened species management into dollar values will be reviewed, reflecting the importance that the community places on them relative to other benefits.

Indigenous action in threatened species research and management

Project: 6.2
This project aims to support on-country enterprise and partnership opportunities for Indigenous people to participate in protecting and recovering Australia's threatened species and their habitats.

Improving communication and community buy-in to threatened species conservation

Project: 6.3
Local communities play an important role in threatened species recovery and this project will explore the best ways to involve them, as well as opportunities for changing attitudes and behaviour.

Learning from success and failure in threatened species conservation

Project: 6.4
The reasons for success and failure in the management of threatened species and communities will be examined. The project will explore the regulatory and policy instruments and governance approaches that have influenced on-ground recovery of threatened species. Research will help prevent the decline of species at risk of extinction.

Citizen science for threatened species conservation and building community support

Project: 6.5
Citizen science is surging in Australia, and represents a huge opportunity to engage the public with threatened species, to capture valuable data and to deliver crowd-sourced on-ground conservation action. This project will deliver protocols to guide the application of citizen science to threatened species monitoring and management.