JOURNAL: Introduced cats (Felis catus) eating a continental fauna: inventory and traits of Australian mammal species killed

Author: Murphy, B.P., Woolley, L.-A., Geyle, H.M., Legge, S.M., Palmer, R., Dickman, C.R., Augusteyn, J., Brown, S.C., Comer, S., Doherty, T.S., Eager, C., Edwards, G., Fordham, D.A., Harley, D., McDonald, P.J., McGregor, H., Moseby, K.E., Myers, C., Read, J., Riley, J., Stokeld, D., Trewella, G.J., Turpin, J.M., Woinarski, J.C.Z
Publisher: Biological Conservation - Mammal Review

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